2020 Has Proved To Be A Most Unusual


If someone had told us last year that we will be functioning in such an environment, it would have been met with great disbelief.  None of us could have preempted that we would be working from home and supporting the educational goals of students via online classes. Despite these strange circumstances, it’s been remarkable to see the entire world, young and old, step up to meet this challenge, and display a rare spirit of support, empathy and courage.

The entire human race has gone through a plethora of emotions. From fear and anxiety to sympathy and humanity, it has been a restless yet introspective year for us all. While the pandemic created physical distances amongst us, it undeniably bought us closer to our loved ones and forced us to reassess our priorities. This time gave us the unique and much needed opportunity to evaluate our lives, goals and dreams, to identify what was important and to chart the path for an enriching future. It would be ungrateful to say that 2020 was a bad year. It would be far more appropriate to focus on the many positive changes it brought and continue on the path or self-love and discovery.  

As the skies light up with the promise of a new year, and we celebrate the advent of the year 2021, it is vital that we recognize the special symbolism that this New Year brings. More than ever before, this year is about new beginnings, giving gratitude and counting our blessings.