Research Committee

Research Committee

Research is a pursuit integral to progress in any society. Its creative potential is immense and has been instrumental in bringing about constructive change in societies in innumerable ways. Research, as an organized and systematic exercise, has been contributing to bring humanity closer to relevant knowledge that meaningfully benefits the society. Eklavya University is committed to cultivating a meaningful research environment and expanding its benefit to the larger society. The college has institutionalized a Research Committee to specifically focus on various areas of research.

Basic Objective and Purpose of The Research Committee

Research Committee of Eklavya University is committed towards enhancing the research profile of the institution. For this purpose, the committee constantly endeavors to encourage, enable and promote research environment through its various programs, workshops and seminars for faculty members as well as students.

A major objective of the research committee in colleges is to promote research in order to help the teachers in upgrading the pedagogies, teaching content and upgrading the course contents i.e., to facilitate research in a manner where it supplements and consolidates the teaching-learning process. Various research activities are geared towards motivating teachers to identify and engage with emerging fields of enquiries in different disciplines so that students can be equipped to choose their future areas of study and research for pursuing higher education.

The research committee also helps the teachers in strengthening their own research skills and working towards discovery of new ideas and concepts, for this purpose the committee organizes methodology workshops, training sessions and talks and seminars.

Promotion of newer ideas and research helps the development of college as a more inclusive, participatory and democratic space. It also helps in development of research aptitude of students. Further, it motivates students to develop an attitude of openness for accepting newer ideas.

Members of the Committee

  • Shahnawaz Ansari (Director)
  • Anil Pimpilapure (Member)
  • Nidhi Asati (Member)
  • R.C. Jain (Member)
  • Loknath Deshmukh (Member)