Founder & Chancellor

I welcome you to experience an amazing educational experience at Eklavya University, where learning is not a mere formality, but is a roadmap for Excellence and Achievement.

Eklavya University was established to enhance the accessibility of quality education with an emphasis on employability, for one and all. To achieve this aspiration, we focus on the five areas: attracting quality faculty; forging alliances with industry & academia; imparting skill based interdisciplinary teaching pedagogy; building a state of the art & environmentally friendly infrastructure; and attracting brilliant students.

Through its academic programs, the University aims to empower students to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing industrial landscape, and encourages them develop potential for scholarship, creative work, professional realization, research, and most importantly employment.

At Eklavya we value tradition and roots. We hope that at the end of their time here, students find a purposeful voice and are equipped with skills to achieve in life and in their chosen careers, while giving back to their communities and the society.

We founded this University with a dream to create a haven for career driven students looking for holistic growth. I welcome each one of you to Eklavya University to find your ‘Lakshya’ and discover the ‘Eklavya’ in you.

Welcome to Eklavya University