Technical Training

At Eklavya, we start training our students from their very first day on campus. Depending on their chosen school of study, students are trained in related technical skills. Engineering students for example, start with basics of C, C++, Java, Python, etc. to ensure industry readiness at the end of their education.


Training pertaining to aptitude is especially important for students of professional courses. At Eklavya we ensure that students are rigorously trained from their first year at University. Effective training ensures that students are equipped with skills to helps grab the best jobs and also appear for various competitive exams.

Communication Skills

Effective communication is the cornerstone of getting a lucrative job. At Eklavya, it is mandatory for students from all schools of study to participate in communications trainings as part of their daily curriculum. This approach helps students develop fluency and confidence thus ensuring workplace readiness and effectiveness.

Soft Skills Training

Apart from communication skills we also encourage soft skills to enhance corporate readiness. Trainings include – Group Discussion, Resume Writing, Personal Interviews, Etiquette & Manners, Body Language, etc.

Our Training Partners