The School of Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences

Aiming to Achieve Oneness

Yoga is a 5,000-year-old discipline originating from India. Yoga is for everyone. It increases self-awareness and removes negativity from the mind and toxins from the body. It promotes self-healing and recharges the body with cosmic energy. Yoga is a way of life!

The School of Naturopathy & Yogic Sciencesat Eklavya University aims to develop a unified system which integrates physical philosophy and a holistic lifestyle. It promotes a deeper understanding of the ancient philosophies of Yoga and Ayurveda. The program explores the origins and historical development of yoga and meditation in India, from ancient times to the modern world.

The School located at Damoh, is situated amidst picturesque surroundings which offer positive vibes for the spiritual growth of its students. The School is also home to a Pyramid Meditation facility, built under the guidance of Brahmarshi Patriji. Connecting with ourselves and our roots is the guiding principle of the teaching pedagogy adopted by the School.

The School offers a range of Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degrees in Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences, under the tutelage of Experienced, qualified and skilled faculty members with unique teaching methodologies which makes the School an ideal destination for the study of Yogic Science and Holistic Health.


  • Reinforce an environment that prioritizes physical health, mental health and overall wellness as a foundation for lifelong success and happiness.
  • Connect with and promote the Ancient Indian traditional practices for good health and long life.
  • Cultivate awareness of the interconnection between body, mind, spirit and community in order to affect attitudinal change regarding health and wellness./span>
  • Maintain and promote the different Indian Yoga traditions.
  • Produce Yoga Therapists of high caliber with in-depth understanding of basic sciences and holistic health techniques.
  • Create experiences across the curriculum and in the classroom that encourage and motivate health and wellness.
  • Provide extensive research facilities for carrying out fundamental and clinical research in the discipline of Yoga and its applications keeping in view the socio- economic needs of all sections of the society.
  • Develop techniques and approaches based on the Ancient Yoga Texts and Granthas of Yoga to meet the challenges of the modern era.

The Team

Highly qualified, experienced and trained faculty members are working towards providing scientific, holistic and spiritual knowledge of Yoga and ancient healing techniques. Faculty members have earned name and fame in the field of Yogic practice and actively propagate the benefits of Yoga and a healthy lifestyle in achieving physical and spiritual oneness.

Academic and Industry Interference

The School continuously organises symposiums, learning sessions, mediation workshops, naturopathy seminars and much more.

Career Scope

Yoga Instructor | Therapist | Yoga Advisor | Yoga Practitioner | Researcher | Nutritionist | Alternative Therapy Healer | Lifestyle Consultant | Life Coach | Naturopathy Consultant | Therapist

  • Bachelor of Science/ Arts (B.Sc./ BA)
  • Master of Science / Arts (M.Sc./ MA)
  • Ph.D.
Yogic Sciences, Alternative Healing, Nutrition Naturopathy, Meditation, Past Life Regression,
Duration – 3 Years
Eligibility- 10+2 pass in any subject from a Recognized Board.
Yoga, Alternative Healing
Duration – 2 Years
Eligibility- UG Degree in a relevant subject from a Recognized University.
Duration – 3 Years
Eligibility- PG Degree in relevant subject with 55% (50% for reserved category ) from a Recognized University.