At Eklavya, students create and apply knowledge by thinking and doing, preparing for excellence in a rapidly changing world.

Learn and discover

Develop leadership skills, critical thinking abilities and explore experiences necessary to be achievers in today’s dynamic world. Our brilliant faculty and hands on approach to learning will make this transformation possible.

The Eklavya approach to teaching is one that maximises a student’s employability through acquiring hands-on skills and experiencing professional placements, complemented by a solid theoretical background.

The school offers a diverse and exciting mix of courses that are developed in consultation with industry groups and combine the latest theory with hands-on, practical experiences. Our course structures also allow for acquisition of expertise in multiple areas, recognising the need for multi-skilling in today’s evolving professional environment.
Eleven faculties on one campus, offer students opportunities to pursue their passions and collaborate for interdisciplinary, career oriented learning.
Explore the 40+ departments and interdisciplinary programs of the University, to find one which is a perfect fit for you.

Academics at a Glance

  • Regular academic activities such as seminars, workshops and conferences.
  • Extensive curriculum designed by Industry and Academic Experts
  • Curriculum equipped with current scenarios and technical know-hows
  • Rigorous learning process
  • Emphasis on Theoretical & Practical Aspects
  • Focus on Hands on Learning
  • Career based learning
  • Dedicated and experienced faculty
  • Participation in industrial events and seminars to provide networking opportunities
  • Well-equipped labs for hands on experience
  • Graduate and post-graduate students are required to undertake research/ projects.