Students of Eklavya visited Agricultural Research Centre Damoh

Students of Faculty of Agriculture of Eklavya University Damoh visited Agricultural Research Centre Damoh as per curriculum to gain knowledge of latest techniques of agriculture by Chief Agriculture Scientist Manoj Ahirwar and Rajesh Dravedi. This educational tour is Dr. Vice-Chancellor of University. Sudha Malaiya, Per Vice-Chancellor Mrs. Pooja Malaiya, Mrs. Rati Malaiya, Vice-Cancellor Prof. Dr. Pawan Kumar Jain, Vice Secretary Dr. Done based on permission of Prafulla Sharma. Academic Dr in this educational tour event. Archana Pathak, Student Welfare President Dr. Shailendra Jain, Faculty of Agriculture Dr. Ompal Singh, Manohar Kumar, Jyoti Kurmi, Surbhi Patel and Shivangi Tiwari played important roles. In this educational tour, all the students of Agriculture department including Jaya Patel, Saloni Dugaya, Supriya Kumari, Pushpendra Kurmi, Pushpender Ahirwar, Satendra Yadav, Vrindavan Kushwaha, Bhagirath Kushwaha and all the students of the agriculture department took the advanced crops and latest technologies in the research center. Understood from the defeat.

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