Guru Purnima festival celebrated in Eklavya University
The programme started by Vice Chancellor of Eklavya University Professor Pawan Kumar Jain, Vice Secretary Prof. Lamp lighting and Guru Vandana music department students Vidhan Chaubey, Neeraj Kushwaha and research student Mr. Raghuvir Patel by Professor Shailendra Kumar Jain.
On this auspicious occasion of Vedvyas Jayanti and Guru Purnima, Professor Surya Narayan Gautam Vedacharya as the chief guest, Guru’s signs, disciple’s tradition and Guru’s duty towards disciples in today’s modern age To On topics like duties of the student, you gave special emphasis on the characteristics of the student, said that
Uncle’s effort and meditation is dog’s sleep.
Symptoms of Alpahari Home Murder Student’s Pancha.
The one who imbibe these symptoms in life gets the grace of the Guru and enjoys all the happiness in this world. The solution to any problem in life is obtained by his own conscience.
Professor Suryanarayan Gautam Ved Acharya said in his speech that this great festival is being celebrated today in this courtyard established by Dr. Sudha Malaiya. In such a way, I salute his work and personality.
Dr. Swati Gaur, President of the Department of Music, highlighted the Sangeet Gurumukhi Vidya, said that Guru Mukhi Vidhya, which is the same basis for making life successful. There is student age, Vidya. , fame , and strength granted If a disciple acquires the knowledge obtained from the tradition of Guru in front of the Guru, then there is no difficulty in his life. By the grace of Guru, he is always happy. Bhartrihari has said that – Without music and literature: Animal: Tailless:. That is, without music, literature and art, in this world, man is like an animal if he has no knowledge of music, literature, and art.
The stage operation of the program Dr. Anoop Kumar Mishra did and thanked by Dr. Pawan Kumar Sharma.
Students of the university worshiped Guru ji through Vedic chants.

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