Department of Performing Arts

Historically, performing arts have been used as a medium for not only entrainment but also for social and cultural commentary. Artists use their voices and bodies to express ideas and emotions in various performing art forms. They are amongst the oldest forms of media, and rely heavily on speech, gesture, music, movement, sound and spectacle.

The Department of Performing Arts at Eklavya University explores a wide range of mediums, including theatre, music and dance, and complimentary areas like – stage design, sound engineering & design and light design. The courses offered are both participative and performative, and demand high levels of creativity and confidence. The Department emphasises practical knowledge and hands-on education in order for students to enter the highly competitive industry. We encourage our students to develop a new thought process wherein a passion can be turned into a lucrative profession.

The University has multiple creative spaces to explore and fully realise ones skill and potential. These include indoor halls and an open air amphitheatre.