Department of Library & Information Science

In today’s day and age information is king. But just information by itself is not enough. It has to be collected, managed and catalogued for it to be useful. The Department of Library & Information Science aims to educate and train students to create and manage libraries in an effective manner.

The recent digital revolution, changing patterns of information consumption and creative teaching pedagogy has made this area of study increasingly relevant. The department strives to prepare individuals for positions of responsibility in the field of Library & Information Science and to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field. The University has multiple well-equipped computer labs and library’s to aid and enhance learning.

Department of Library & Information Science educates students at the Diploma, Bachelor, Master and Doctoral levels to become thought leaders and advanced research contributors.


  • Demonstrate an advanced understanding of the procedures of selection, acquisition, classification, cataloguing, physical processing and retrieval of information.
  • Promoting not just access to but also effective use of information services and systems.
  • Develop competency and demonstrate skills in managing information in the context of the digital revolution.
  • Compare and critique contemporary information consumption practices, structures, and standards in relation to historical and global alternatives.
  • Demonstrate a critical capacity to apply and evaluate Library & Information Science competencies consistent with the values, standards and ethics of the profession.

The Team

The Faculty at Eklavya University consists of a group of dynamic and motivated educators, driven by the desire to nurture young minds in the art of information access, management and consumption.

Academic & Industry Interface

Regular activities such as seminars, workshops and conferences areconducted with celebrated academicians in the field and industry professionals.

Career Scope

Librarian | Archives Specialist | Intelligence Analyst | Electronic Resource Librarian | Information Officer | Internet Trainer | Knowledge Management Specialist | Publishing manager | Books Curator | Research Analyst | Taxonomist | Educator