Department of Education

Aiming to Achieve Excellence in Education

Education is a tool for transformation. For individuals. For communities.

The Department of Education at Eklavya University, is a leading centre for teacher education and strives to be a research-intensive Institution with far reaching impact on the quality of teachers and education available in the region and the country as a whole. Teacher candidates combine social context, content knowledge, and innovative pedagogy to meet the needs and interests of all students in today’s diverse classrooms.

The Education Program at Eklavya offers a comprehensive learning opportunity to teacher candidates, by encouraging inter-disciplinary learning, research and practical oriented education, in-service teacher training at its CBSE recognised schools, and numerous add- on courses. The Department aims at empowering a community of teachers through innovative thinking, hands on training, research and networking opportunities.

The Department of Education offers teacher preparation programs at various levels, Diploma, Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degrees, and is regulated by the guidelines of the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE), New Delhi.


  • Develop teachers with the knowledge on socio and psycho perspectives of learner, expertise on curricular and pedagogical concerns of the learner.
  • Develop teachers who are professionally equipped with skills and competencies in the context of the digital revolution.
  • Build the right attitude, values needed for teaching profession.
  • Develop critical thinking abilities amongst future educators so that they can nurture future citizens with a critical and scientific mindset.
  • Instil the qualities of socialization and compassion in educators, who can in turn nurture the future leaders and agents of social change and transformation in society.
  • Encourage enthusiasm for and dedication towards education and its enrichment.
  • Strengthen academic knowledge, teaching processes and effectiveness, and an emphasis on the quality of student interaction, through collaborations with local and international education institutions and experts.

The Team

The faculty at Eklavya University comprises of an impressive group of scholars, researchers, practitioners, and policymakers actively working to improve the state of education in India. The Faculty aims to educate and prepare teachers at the pre-primary, primary and secondary levels who can meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Academic & Industry Interface

Regular activities such as seminars, workshops and conferences are conducted with academicians of repute and industry leaders. The Department has collaborated with educators worldwide to enhance the quality of teachers.

Career Scope

Teachers at primary, secondary and senior secondary levels | Day-care Coordinator | Educational Counsellor | Private Tutor | Online Educator | Record keeper | Soft Skills Trainer | Curriculum Developer | School Administrator

Professional Body

The Program is approved by the State Government of Madhya Pradesh and certified by the NCTE, New Delhi.