Department of Computer Science Engineering

The all-pervasive scope of internet has made the use of hardware and software an essential part of the developmental process. Computer Science Engineering applies the principles of computer science and mathematical analysis to the design, development, testing, and evaluation of software and systems that make computers work. Job prospects for computer engineers are among the most lucrative, in comparison to all other branches of engineering. The Department of Computer Science Engineering is aimed at promoting highly Ethical and Innovative Computer Professionals through excellence in teaching, training and research.

The Team

The department is led by experienced and committed team of dynamic faculty members who strive to achieve excellence in teaching and moulding future computer professionals who can meet the challenges of the highly competitive software market.


The Computer Labs are equipped with over 600 General Purpose Systems, that enable students to write C/C++/Java and Python based programs.

The IoT lab is equipped with test bench, connectivity devices, industrial sensors, RFID antennae and handheld machines, RFID tags, digital controllers, etc. that enable students to simulate, design, develop and test industrial use cases that include the Operational Technology (OT) component, Information Technology (IT) component, security and visualisation.

RDBMS Lab, Data Structures Lab, Web Technology Lab, Cloud Computing Lab, Graphics Lab & CN Office Suite Labs are the various other labs that are available for practical exposure of students for smooth conduct of Cloud and Grid Computing experiments, Internet Programming, Mobile Application Development, Database and Graphics Software.

Industry Interface

The Department has a Red Hat Academy and in-house Amazon Web Services (AWS) trainings which enables students to validate their knowledge as per the growing and changing demands of the IT industry.

The department has signed MOU’s with prominent companies like Netlink, MediaMint and Amazon to enable technical training and faculty development programmes, besides R&D activities.

The department also promotes continuous learning and research in core and emerging areas with through its various clubs and learning events.

Specialisations For Higher Studies

Specialisations For Higher Studies

Artificial Intelligence | Computer Graphics | Robotics | Software Engineering | Telecommunications Engineering | Data Science & Analytics | Machine Learning | Cyber Security

Career Scope

Architectural Engineers | CAD Designer | Structural Analyst | Structural Engineers | Site Supervisors | Project Manager | Contractors | Builders