Department of Bhartiya History & Heritage

The history and culture of Bharat is dynamic, spanning back to the beginning of human civilization, 9,500 years ago. Its history is punctuated by the constant integration of migrating people with diverse cultures that surround Bharat. Over the years, the history and culture of Bharat have been diluted and misinterpreted. To study and propagate the true cultural and historical montage of Bharat, based on the archaeological and epigraphical sources, Eklavya University established The Department of Bhartiya History & Heritage. The Department aims to focus on activities related to research, preservation and protection of the true heritage of Bharat.

Under the able guidance of our Chancellor, Dr.Sudha Malaiya, a historian and performing arts scholar, the department is dedicated to conducting activities aimed at achieving academic excellence in the field of Bhartiya History & Heritage.

Faculty members are renowned researchers and actively participated in many Major and Minor research projects, sponsored by UGC, ICHR. Seminars, workshops, conferences, and explorations comprise regular Departmental activities.