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Eklavya University, will transform lives and communities through learning.


  • Nurture achievers in life and careers through a value based, industry relevant and future ready education.
  • Emphasize research, interdisciplinary learning, and practical hands on education.
  • Equip every student with the required social and technical skills to achieve employment generation.
  • Provide a holistic education deeply rooted in the ways of the traditional Gurukulsystem.
  • Bring quality education within the reach of every individual, by committing to the achievement and maintenance of excellence in education, research and innovation.
  • Create and disseminate knowledge through research and creative inquiry..
  • Serve students by teaching them problem solving, leadership and teamwork skills, lateral thinking, commitment to quality and ethical behaviour.
  • Create a diverse community, open to the exchange of ideas, where discovery, creativity, and personal and professional development is encouraged and can flourish.
  • Contribute to the social fabric and economic health of the Bundelkhand region, the state and the country at large, by enhancing and facilitating economic empowerment, providing equal opportunities and employment generation.